Self-explanatory or not?

Fashion and politics? Of course that belongs together! Fashion means consummation and consummation means production and unfortunately production most of the time means far far away and that again means, that it’s something that’s hidden and we can’t see. What you can not see you can hardly imagine or you forget about it immediately you definitely don’t question it. It’s like that box underneath your bed with the clothes you want to get rid of, when it comes to the production these would be the clothes in the most hidden corner in the basement.

Out of sight - out of mind.

We want to change that and started printing our new collection with “FASHION AS A POLITICAL CHOICE” in all caps inside our shirts.

We don’t want to look away but rather bring awareness to the existing problem.

About us: Kluntje consists of to different collections. On one side we work with organic cotton that our shirts, pullovers and sweatpants are being made out of in Berlin.

On the other side we upsycle hand selected vintage pieces and turn them into wonderful unique re-fashion items.

In our new collection we developed a cut that solely consists of cut off fabric that we collect during the making of our collections. We want to create as little waste as possible and through that idea created the  “Anti-Waste Top”. Do you like it? Send us dome feedback! We are happy to hear from you.´´´´


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Kati, Lena and I met in university. Similar to Hermine, Ron and Harry in Hogwarts, we constantly hung out together through our 4 years at JAK-Academy. On our break we went to get lunch together and were always late to class together.

Kati was the first in that semester that I met with outside of school. We both come from small northern-German villages and knew nobody in Hamburg maybe that’s what connected us right away. Lena had liked me from the very first day because I ( as the only one) came in late. We formed a little group quickly. For a moment there we were four girls, but Louise Kenn left after the third semester to dedicate herself to literature. She is now a little Poetry-Slam celebrity and we are very proud fans of her.

On our very first vacation together in Portugal we had the idea of an own fashion label. More so for fun than anything else we started thinking about a name…and found Kluntje!

Half a year later there was a group assignment in our class and b y  a c c i d e n t we were put into one group.

The task was to develop a collection in which we were to form a contrast of color and shape. We found great inspiration in the book “The Earth from above” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a coffee table book od the earths sceneries from the bird’s eye perspective.

We called the collection W o r l d v i e w s.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we decided to work with upcycling. For our 9-piece collection we solely used old clothes and cut-off fabric.

Kati worked with rectangles, her color theme was “forests and fields”, Lena worked with triangles and concentrated on the colors of cities and mountains and I worked with round shapes and used oceans and beaches as a color orientation.

It turned out, that we actually worked very well together. We gathered materials on flea markets together and organized a cooperation with the big company “Otto” that sent us their left over materials. The effort and the ambition that developed during this task definitely paid off. Quite a few times we were asked about out collection, it was displayed in different exhibitions one of them being the “Sinnlichkeits-Festival” in Magdeburg in a prison and one at Berlin Fashion Week in a Show Room.

It was our first collection, that we already produced under the name “Kluntje”. We were happy about our creation.

The idea of an own label became more and more reality.

After graduating from JAK, our professors remembered the project Kluntje and we were invited to to exhibit in a big shopping mall close to the Alster and open a little Pop Up Store. So a few weeks later we had produced another (or the first real) Kluntje collection from scratch. We officially opened a small company and since we still liked the name that we came up with for fun it became our Fashion brand.

To our time at JAK, that already feels so far away, we look back with one laughing and one crying eye. We are happy we studied there and got to meet and hope that more graduates dare to jump into their own label. For the future we hope to be able to make our label that’s known in Hamburg, known in all of Germany.